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REVIEWS: Yup, We're Pretty Awesome, Just Ask Our Customers!!!

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Now listen up Marine, Titus and his Platoon at Napalm MotorSports are a squared away outfit. They're straight shooters, fair priced and they know their business, so you'd best be leaving a gleaming report or I'll have you scrubbin toilets with a toothbrush. Am I Clear, Marine??!!

"They kicked so much ass there was none left!"
By: Cody, TX

"These guys are awesome. I came in on Saturday June 13th during the ROT rally weekend to get new tires, inspection and oil change and everyone was really nice. Daniel the salesman took a lot of time to talk to me about the new and used bikes while I was waiting. Mike the parts guy spent a lot of time over several days getting the right tires ordered. Dan the mechanic was really detailed and took the time with my complicated bike to get everything right. Barry the manager took time to make sure everything was done right and Blair helped out too. "
By: Chris  austin, TX

"Awesome feel good service. Worked with me on scheduling when my day fell apart and I needed to change times on the fly. "
By: Brian    Lakeway, TX

"I recently bought a Hyosung ST7 from these guys. I went there to look at a different bike, but my sales guy, Daniel pointed me to the ST7 and I am really glad he did. I got a great deal on a bike with lower miles and it is newer than what I was originally looking at. After riding over the weekend, I do not regret my purchase one bit. It's a blast to ride. I also bought the preferred warranty and after speaking with another customer who had used it, I was really glad I did. That piece of mind goes a long way. Everyone I dealt with at Napalm was a pleasure to work with, especially Daniel. I felt he sincerely had my best interests in mind and gave me the best deal that fit what I was looking for. In the future, I will definitely be returning here for my next purchase."
By: Anthony    Hutto, TX

"Daniel was a great sells associate, very informative and helpful. Nice people that work here and willing to help you out. Excellent service and great prices."
By: Alex    Austin, TX

"They are a bunch great guys, who helped me with my bike purchase. Customer service was excellent"
By: Thomas    Austin, TX

"Here I am again, these guys sold me another bike... A very nice Hyosung ST7 for my wife. As usual, everything went really smoothly and I have only good experience with them. Daniel was great."
By: Anonymous    Austin, TX

"Just pick up a new Victory Cross Country, Daniel took care of me and Manager Barry did me right. Drove 3 hours to deal with Napalm, it was worth the drive."
By: Anonymous    Lake Jackson, TX

" I just finished a deal with Napalm Motorsports and got a beautiful Victory Hammer 8-ball. I have to say that the complete experience with Napalm Motorsports was outstanding! They are competent, nice, open minded, customer oriented, well they are the real thing! I was already pleased with their service department about some repairs done on my my wife's bike and now I am also very pleased with their sales department. I specifically thank Titus and Daniel for getting me exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend them."
By: Anonymous    Austin, TX

"I'm a repeat customer. Just bought a Cross Country Tour so my wife has room for her purse. The service was great, price was great, and the scooter is loaded. Daniel was great to work with. Great team Titus!"
By: Dewey    Cedar Park, TX

"I came in about a year ago and put a down payment on a 2012 Cory Ness Jackpot. I had to take a extended leave of absence due to a illness in my family. I returned a year later to find the Salesman (Daniel) instantly recognized me and even recalled my name. I purchased the 2007 Arlen Ness Limited Edition Vegas Jackpot the was owned by the main man, Titus himself. I had the most wonderful experience in this purchase from the attention to detail to the highest level of care to insure that I am completely satisfied. I strongly recommend that IF ANYONE wants to purchase a motorcycle, go ONLY to NAPLAM and see Daniel or ANY of the STAFF and they will take care you. THANK YOU TITUS FOR SELLING ME YOUR BABY!!!! "
By: Marc    Cedar Park, TX

By: Marc    Kyle, TX

By: Johny    TX

"I recently took my 2009 Arlen Ness to Naplam for body repairs. The service Staff and even the porter were great not only did they make my service perfect and swift as possible they polished my bike and handed it to me spotless. I was very impressed with thier customer service and if i could remember thier names I would have posted it on here . Good job service and great job to the porter who made sure my motorcycle was spotless when I recieved it. Great Cutomer Service I've been a customer for 3 1/2 years."
By: Daniel    Cedar Park, TX

"On October 1, 2011, I stopped by the dealership right before closing time. After having spent all day at Harley dealerships trying to buy a Harley and finally getting fed up with the "run-around" I was getting with them, I took my lovely wife to Napalm to look at a used Harley they had there. I had decided it was time for a Harley after having owned various metric bikes over the years. There I met Ben, who was trying to close up shop. Ben dropped what he was doing, even though he was trying to get off work to go home, and even tracked down the bike I wanted to see, allowing us into the shop area where they were making some needed repairs to it. After seeing the condition of this bike, to which Ben didn't try to conceal or "power sell" it I was ready to leave after a long, fruitless day. As Ben was walking us out to continue shutting down the shop, he realized as an after thought that I might be interested in a recent Victory he had recently taken in. I had looked at Victory's during research and was impressed with the overall best in class (pretty much all categories) I had been reading in cycle reviews, I still thought I wanted the nostalgic Harley. After laying eyes on the Cross Roads, with many options already installed, and talking with Ben, again no "power sales pitch", Ben started making me offers I just couldn't refuse. Ben took the time to lead me down back roads for a test drive, after closing time, due to the heavy traffic flow and I was sold. I bought the bike, happy to be a Victory owner, and left feeling like I got a great deal, not my usual big expense experience. Ben even took care of the financing, which is one of the run around problems that caused me to walk out on one of the previous shops, I was ready to buy and the usual other guy finance manager decided to try and double the interest rate I could easily get from local credit unions. Walked out on a used Harley and ended up on a 2011 Victory, lower price, and Ben got so close to the interest rate I couldn't argue with him. I even felt so guilty about the great deal I didn't even bother trying to get him to throw something in at the last minute like I usually do on bike purchases... overall great experience, I just wish I would have started shopping here and not getting my blood pressure up at the other dealerships. Absolutely recommending you guys to others in the market. "
By: Anonymous    Round Rock, TX

"The purpose of this email is to extol the virtues of Ben Green, motorcycle salesman extraordinaire. First, a little about myself. I am the happy and proud owner of a shiny new 2011 Victory Vision purchased from your Napalm dealership in Austin. This is my 10th bike. And I have been in fitness equipment sales for almost 30 years. So, I know a thing or two about bikes and sales. I conducted a fairly thorough multi-state search for a Vision with objectives being low price, honesty and relationship. My search uncovered two extremes. One dealer repeatedly lied through his bug-splattered teeth while Ben Green’s honesty and integrity shined through like a Vision’s HID headlight on a dark Texas night. Ben is professional, humorous, and intelligent and leaves me feeling like he really cares about my business. The entire purchase process was beyond painless and went all the way to pleasant. I feel like Ben is a friend that I will be able to count on in the years, and future bike purchases, to come. I big thank you to Napalm and Ben Green for making me a very happy customer. Napalm is a thickener that makes fuel gel. Ben Green is the spark that makes your dealership’s sales explode! Frank Palmer Arlington, TX "
By: Frank    Arlington, TX

"Best bikes on the road...the best dealership selling them! These guys are top notch!"
By: Charlie    Liberty Hill, TX

"I bought a 2009 Jackpot Cory Ness Signature Series in December of 2010. Your staff, in particular Ben, provided me with outstanding customer service. The staff was curtious, friendly, and knowledgeable. To this day he continues to provide me with outstanding follow-up service. I will definitely turn to Napalm any future motorcycle purchases, despite living in Houston. Thanks Napalm, thanks Ben!"
By: Dion    Houston, TX

"Hey You out there. Napalm is the place to definitely visit. My experience has been nothing but, the best. Seth right off the bat told me he wasn't trying to sell me a bike for right now. He wanted to sell Napalm for the future business. He certainly has done this. I've also met Titus good man and bi-lingual too. Seth busted his ass to get me in the bike, the right price and financing too. Chris and Nate know what they are doing in their departments. If it can be done they will get it done for you. Thomas gets them ready to go excellent job. I know, the best for last. Lisa up front whenever I happen to call for whatever reason she remembers me and always courteous and respectful. I am in Law Enforcement and mske the bike payment doing escorts with it. The bike a Vision 8-ball I work hard. Start fast and stop fast. I do funeral escorts with it, hey where else can you go 80 in a 30 and get away with it legally. I've owned three new Harleys in the last six years but, I think I got it this time. I took extra Napalm business cards and hand em out whenever someone asks about it."
By: Luis    Belton, TX

"When problems arose, they were dealt with efficiently and to my satisfaction."
By: Bear    Leander, TX

"Completely happy with the purchase. Ben is a 9.5 on a 1-10 scale. I would tell my friends to use Ben over any salesperson I have met. Overall a very good experience."
By: Ricky    McGregor, TX

"The Service was Great, your Sales/ Finance Manager and General Manager were Aces . Thanks "
By: Billy    Del Valle, TX

"Seth, Ben, Chris and the gang do everything they can to make you feel like you are part of Napalm! It is more than just selling you a bike, they want to get to know you and share in the experience! Nice job guys and thanks for the sweet ride......... Dan"
By: Dan    LEANDER, TX

"i would like to say that the entire staff was great they made you comfertable and at ease they were knowlegeable and patient especially Ben he is the man......these guys called and checked to make sure everything was good service after the sale says alot about a bussiness......they will get my bussiness again"
By: carl    waco, TX

"Great team!!! Thanks to Nate and Ben for your assistance, patience, and of course flexibility to my request. You've got my business and as much as I can send you."
By: Jim    Cedar Park, TX

"My Victory bike is AWESOME. Plenty of power and a head-turner. Loud pipes were added and they look and sound great. ALL employees are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable at what they do. I highly recommend NAPALM as a place to do business. I had never felt this way about any other dealer that I have done business with."
By: petey    leander, TX

"Ben, you are the man.. Thanks for helping me get on my new Vegas, it rides and sounds 10 times better than expected. Hope you and your wife enjoy living in Texas. Napalm Motorsports is a top notch dealer, would recommend them to anyone who wants to ride a kickass bike. Thanks again."
By: Michael    Bremond, TX

"Purchased my new XC from these guys and it was a great buying experience. Adrian, Seth and the entire staff are top notch. These guys know how to treat a customer. It's not like most bike shops that are run by self absorbed primadonna's that think you should be grateful to pay their salaries. I have always been offered a friendly "Hello" and a handshake at Napalm. Ty, you have a great bunch of guys here! Thanks for everything! "
By: David     Austin, TX

" ... Sales was very helpful and considerate; was impressed that the salesman who offered and did follow me home as I drove my bike off the lot. Service and parts department very knowledgeable and helpful. Exceeded expectations. "
By: Anonymous    Cedar Park, TX

"I have been a Harley man all my life, and was going out to buy another one last November 2008, untill I stepped into your shop. I was so impressed with what I saw, I walked out with a 2009 Vegas 8 Ball. Now it has been nearly a year, and I am very pleased with my purchase as the day I bought it. Thousands of miles through all types of weather, and absolutly zero problems with my bike. I haven't even had to tighten anything up...unlike the Harleys I've owned in the past. These ARE the best bikes on the road today! Plus the service and sales people are top of the line. Napalm Is aces all the way!!!!"
By: David    Leander, TX

"Thank you to everyone at Napalm. I appreciate all the help I recieved. I broke a drive belt on the way way to Austin, on a Friday. We pulled up into the parking lot a little after 4:30 in the afternoon and the service manager was on his way out. He was called over to look at my bike and we discussed what needed to be done. What impressed me the most is the customer service and hospitality given. Napalm had me back on the road before noon on saturday. Thanks Again, when it is time for a new bike, I will be calling and I will tell all my friends. "
By: Johnny R.    Amarillo, TX

"I'd like to thank Andre, Todd, Richard, and Carl for sharing with me their vast knowledge of, and experience with motorcycles. I was looking at a short list of bikes, two of which, were sitting on the Napalm showroom floor. The other three were at competitor-branded dealerships. As I kept frequenting the dealerships, I took note of how the guys at Napalm stood out; as they demonstrated a greater level of patience and interest in making sure the next bike I get would be the best overall choice. These guys were able to offer their personal experiences with motorcycles as an input--and as good advice--then allowed me to determine for myself the bike which I found "right" for me. While letting the bike sell itself. Thanks guys for the new Vegas 8-Ball!"
By: Tim    Round Rock, TX

"I would like to thank you and also the rest of the Napalm crew for my recent experience purchasing a new vehicle, the first for me. (Insert virgin joke of your choice here.) What I had pre-supposed to be a stressful occasion turned out to be a walk in the park. Your whole staff performed in a knowledgeable, courteous manner and treated me with the respect that I have always displayed to my own customers when I was self-employed. Such treatment resulted in plenty of business for me and a great reduction in my advertising budget, I would assume the same would apply to Napalm Motorsports. The assistance I received in loading the Enfield into my truck also went beyond what I had expected. Thanks, guys! The Enfield is quite operational and charming to the eye. "
By: John    Austin, TX

"Chico is the MAN!! I was waiting at the parts counter for my bike when this gentleman walked in asking about oil. He said he had just inherited some new Yamaha on road/off road thing. All the guys just looked confused and scratched theirs heads when the guy said the model. Chico just knew off the top of his head what it was, what made it diffrent from regular scooters, and what kind of oil it needed. He even took the time to explained the difference in the oils to gentleman. Talk about having a knowledgeable staff that is customer service driven!! The guys at Napalm are definitely top notch!!"
By: Casey    Austin, TX

"These are the friendliest people you will ever meet. There are no pressured sales, the bikes do ALL the talking, and this comes from a devoted Harley man. You just can't beat this place!!!! The only thing I didn't get was the little red head, she is a jewel!"
By: David    Austin, TX

"I have always been a devoted Harley man, but after seeing these bikes, I have been converted. The sales people were excellent, without any hard sales whatsoever. Come to find out, I know Paul from the service dept. and we go way back. He is one of the BEST you can find! Also, Courtney, the redhead in care of accessories is one great girl. She is not only friendly, but she is REAL! These are truly some fine people to do business with. I will recommend these people and this bike to anyone wanting a quality bike that outsurpasses the Harley any day!"
By: David     Austin, TX

"Can't find a better bunch than at Napalm! Called up needing a replacement for daughter's stolen scooter. Napalm had one in stock (turns out to be much better quality than web ordered unit) Closing deal over phone with Brent was pleasant and professional. Drove up to Austin same day to pick up. When I arrived scooter was ready to go as promised. All seemed like a perfect day, except as I got in my van, it did not start. The Napalm service gurus (Nick and Chico) came out and diagnosed a broken starter. It was closing time and I was stranded. Incredible as it may sound, Nick and Chico offered to stay after hours and replaced the starter. Talking about customer focus and going beyond the call of duty! Thanks guys! "
By: Luc    Katy,, TX

" Just a note of appreciation for your parts man Robby. He and I only interact once every 18 months or so but he's really taken care of my needs. I've never had someone at a counter offer consistantly to "touch and confirm" a part I needed. That step and a personal greeting is outstanding. You have a good man. "
By: R.    Round Rock, TX

"Brent: Thanks for the speedy reply. Here is what is funny. I found you guys because my ex-brother-in-law used to bring his Victory (that he bought somewhere else) in to be fixed even though he lives in Pflugerville and the shop he bought the bike from is closer to his house. I called you back in August and in a matter of hours you had me approved for financing on an Enfield, even though I was (I am not any more) still trying to decide on a bike. I called and emailed 10 Suzuki dealears (the other bike I was interested in is a S40 Boulevard, guess I have a thing for singles) and NOT ONE of the Suzuki dealers could get me one, but they could finance a bike that is three times as big and twice as much in MINUTES if I wanted to come in.... Customer service means a lot to me. Besides fulfilling the childhood dream of having an Enfield. In 1980 my first bike was a Triumph 440...wish I would have kept it...I plan on getting a military ES as long as nothing goes wrong between now and March... Any way, thanks again for all your time. You guys really go the extra mile, even when I haven't bought a bike yet. Jim "
By: James    TX

"I appreciate the fact that regardless that I ride a Harley, the folks at Napalm have taken care of me and my bike several times from inspection to a new rear tire.All the staff are awsome and I will continue to do business with them for a long time to come. Thanks guys and keep up the good work."
By: Tom    Austin, TX

By: James    Austin, TX

"I wish I knew about Napalm before I bought my Vegas 8 Ball from another shop in Waco...I have had all my service and bought all my accessories from y'all! Thanks go out to Rob for the customer service and for digging around and finding a passenger backrest and pillion for me while y'all are in the process of renovating. Huah!!! "
By: Ray    Temple, TX

"Extra-Ordinary Service I went to a several dealerships before finding this jewel. I purchased a Hyosung 250R from Brent. My experience there was absolutely amazing. The staff was friendly, caring, and laid-back. I got huge smiles and hellos from 7 or 8 different people. The standing G.M. went out of his way to accommodate me on a few things. Brent was honest and just a cool guy to work with. Courtney spent a LOT of time looking over helmets with me and finding the perfect fit. I'm used to buying Mercedes and Porsches where the entire staff is trained in providing nothing less than stellar service, but Napalm tops them both. I would venture to say, however unlikely, if I were to dislike Hyosungs, I may still be tempted to go back to Napalm due to the truly spectacular service they provide. "
By: Ronny     Austin, TX

"Napalm Motorsports Rocks my face off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
By: Christopher    Round Rock, TX

"I purchased a Victory Low from Jeff last week. I was very impressed with efforts Jeff went to make my buying experience a good one. He took his private time off to follow me to my house for delivery when I had no other way to transport my new bike. I will recommend your dealership to my friends."
By: Ron    Austin, TX

"I would like to say thanks to Jim Anderson and his crew. They were great! I bought the Enfield "Bullit" Military. Man that bike is a pleasure to ride - plus it turns heads! Jim, thanks for working with me on the finacing, I didn't mean to be a headache! I will be sending people your way. Thanks, David K. "
By: David    Kempner, TX

"I would like to make sure Courtney gets recognized as the accessory manager because since I have bought my two bikes she has been very helpfull and cheerful when we come in to purchase accessories. She's always helpful and always has the time to help any customer, even if she's busy. She definitely deserves the 5 stars because customer service is everything, especially after you already made the bike purchase. Jim, the manager, is always making sure we're taken care of when we walk in. Thank you guys!"
By: Daniel    Leander, TX

"We came in last sat. morning and looked found one we liked and did app but decided we still needed to look around before making our decision. Well long story short the looking around was a waste of time and frustrating, 2 of the other dealerships wouldn't even come up and talk to us and the other one we almost bought at but they started showing the bike we were trying to buy to somebody else and even were taking another app on it while we were still waiting. Needless to say we walked and came back to Napalm and bought a 2008 Victory Vegas. I very glad we did. I didn't rate the service, parts or accessories yet because we haven't gotten them yet but we did meet all of the parts & service people and they seem top rate."
By: Patti    Leander, TX

"Bought TWO BIKES in one week I love my Victory Vision Street and my wife loved riding so much she wanted her own so we purchased her a GB 250 which is the perfect bike for her shes 5 ft tall and it fits her perfect! Napalm staff awesome. we eagerly are looking of being a part of the Napalm family! RIDE LIKE YOU STOLE IT!"
By: Daniel    Leander, TX

"I just purchased a victory Vision Street . I love it but would like to have better oppertunity to purchase more for my bike with discounts and price breaks.Great bike it runs like a dream!"
By: Daniel    Leander, TX

"Bought a used Honda CB400A 1978, was priced reasonably, took it home but it was leaking gasoline, took it back, fixed promptly and completely. Now operating as expected."

"Absolutely one of the best buying experiences of my entire life... from first contact with Jim Anderson to test ride with Richard and follow-up information and knowledge of my new Vision ride from Nick. Just an awesome job thanks to all at Napalm and will be sending you all my friends."
By: Michael     Pflugerville , TX

"I have gone to a lot of Dealers,The guys at Napalm sports did the best service & sales. Thanks Manley for a good deal And the service is tops! The techs will do what ever it takes to take care of your Bike.. Sincerely Ron, Austin."
By: Anonymous    Austin, TX

"I love what yall did with your new parking lot. Thanks for staying late for me even though i didn't buy that night, i will sure come back to yall for sure for my ride. thanks"
By: Anonymous    cedar park, TX